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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Interview with Amy Thomson

Hi Everyone!

So here's the interview with Amy Thomson! Who's the head of ATM artists!

When did you know you wanted to be a music manager? 

I knew I wanted to be a music manager when I had my daughter.  I was 24 and I wanted to make sure she was properly provided for and this was something I was able to do from home and only have to go to the city once or twice a week.  I had worked in music shows and events since I was 15 and I liked the idea of marketing someone's career and helping them grow.

Who do you manage?

I manage Swedish House Mafia and bands like Groove Armada and music producers like Christian Karlsson.  My clients tend to be performers in their own rights, members of bands AND write music for other people like Britney Spears etc

What is the best part about your job?

The best part of my job is watching people grow.  Your clients grow in how they handle their talent but also how they handle themselves….and watching them grow is the best part.  I've been with some of my clients for ten years and I have seen some amazing changes in that time

What's the easiest and hardest part about your job?

The worst part is being away so much.  I miss my daughter and our dog a lot…and I miss having routine sometimes…like having Sunday lunch every week with our friends…I find jet lag very difficult too

Who would you say is the coolest person or company you've worked with so far?

The coolest person I have worked with so far?  I don't know to be honest.  I actually hate that people define 'cool' and I have seen many people be so affected by what is cool they forget what they actually like for themselves.  I hate that.  Like what you like….and never judge anyone on what they like…you have no idea what their influences are.

Do you try to talk to fans as much as possible?

Yes I talk to fans all the time through my clients channels.  I spend a lot of time on it.  They're not fans..they're clients / customers and their opinion is everything.  But…you have to be careful not to do things just to please them, that’s an easy trap to fall in to.  Stay true to yourself, treat your fans with respect and all will be fine.

What do you expect in an artist that you would want to sign?

I expect an artist to be open to me.  To share ideas and get into a groove with me so we can be creative together.  I like honestly and hard work and good morals and principles.

Do you prefer to sign vocal artists or DJs?

I just like artists.  I like Djs who produce because you never know what we'll be working on less, but working with acts like Florence & The Machine in my earlier career was a complete highlight.  Vocalists can be so captivating

Do you enjoy travelling a lot?

I like travelling a lot.  A lot of my friends are in the same boat so I see them more often in miami or LA than I do in London , but like I said, I miss my family…there's no place like home.

Hope you all liked the interview and I hope that helped a bit for your future career if that's your dream! 


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