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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sorry For No Blogs Recently!

Hi everyone,

So, sorry that I haven't put up any blogs recently, I had a bit of a break! So today is just about a band I really like. :) So the band is called You Me At Six, they make rock music. They're Brittish and got together in 2004. They became well known in 2008 with their debut album, take Off Your Colours. A popular song they've made is called Bite My Tongue ft. Oli Sykes. It's on the album called Sinners Never Sleep. Their most recent album.  I'd say the most well known song on that album is called Reckless. That's my favourite song by them on the album, or the song Loverboy. There are five members in the band. Josh Franceschi as lead singer, Max Helyer as rhythm guitarist and back up vocalist, Chris Miller as lead guitar, Matt Barnes as bass guitarist and Dan Flint who plays the drums. Dan Flint only joined in 2007, before him was Joe Phillips. If you want to go see them perform, they're performing at Wembley Arena on the 8th of December! If you've never heard of them before then you can listen to listen to they're music by buying it on iTunes or you can watch the video at the bottom. Hope you liked the blog :) Bye!