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Monday, 15 October 2012

I Want To Be A Singer SO BADLY!

Hi Everyone,

I'm really sorry but I still don't have the interview ready to give yet, I sent Amy the questions yesterday, but she was getting on a plane to come back to England from Miami! So I will go through the questions with her and you will hopefully have the interview with the questions and answers for the next blog! My blog today is talking about how I seriously want to be a singer! I mean, there is NOTHING else I want to be! I go to a school where they would probably want me to have an academic job when I'm older, but nothing like that appeals to me! I tend to write songs now and then, but I haven't shared them with anyone really. But recently I've been writing a song in my piano lessons, and I'm trying to perfect it going through my favourite songs and trying to make my song one that I think I would buy for my iPod. So I like to think that my progress is increasing! I like to think that my future is set, because my dad is a DJ, so he could help me with making my music, and my mum works for the music industry so maybe she could help me become known! One of the reasons I would like to be a singer is because I love to sing (I guess that expected!), and sometimes I go to gigs, and sometimes I've been backstage to see them perform, and when I do see them from back stage, I don't really watch the musical artist, I watch the crowd. I see them jumping higher than the sky and screaming their heads off having a great time, and when the music artist has finished their gig and says goodbye, the cheer that the crowd gives is unbelievable, and I can't even imagine how happy the artist must feel. That's why I want to be a singer.

If you have the same ambition as me please comment!  Check out the next blog for the interview with Amy Thomson!  Bye!

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