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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

James Arthur

Hi Guys,

So recently we've found out the winner to the X Factor UK. The winner was James Arthur, he is an absolutely AMAZING singer. He's 23, he decided to audition last minute because his friend said he had nothing to lose. He had been doing small gigs in his hometown. He also writes his own songs, raps and plays guitar. He always makes a song his own. And the most astonishing is he used to be homeless at one time!

  His voice may not be able to belt the highest, but his voice is incredible. He always performs the right song and makes it his own. Now, the X Factor has lost a lot of views over the past 2 years. But I think after this years, it will get a lot more views because the person that the public wanted to win actually has. His single out now is his cover of Impossible by Shontelle which has already reached number 1! The YouTube video is just below, this is his live performance when he just found out he won.

And you can buy his single on iTunes and tell all your friends about him! :D

Sorry it's a short blog, he's just so good and that's all you can say about him really, he's just amazing!

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